March 6th, 2010 by Parasomnia Noise

It all began in mid-2008 when Luis Domingos (Ex. NeverEnd, Sicksouls, Exhume // A.K.A. Dywas), met up with Mercedes Böhm at Baixa/Chiado, Lisbon, after chatting on an online forum about creating music together.
They started out by playing some cover tunes to ease into the process, from there grew a bond and an interesting project between a jazz-influenced metalhead and a young alt-rock fan. Quickly, they both realized they needed to find an extremely sexy bass player with a completely random musical taste.
Pedro Silva (Ex-Craft // A.K.A. Psi) was forced into the group since, sharing a 1/12th Japanese and 1/360th Native American heritage and having being caught red-handed while stealing Luis’ sister’s bass. The three then fused their minds and creativity on a quest for not just their own sound, but also the best hamburger to be found in Lisbon’s surroundings.
At this point, Apocalyptic Candy Suckers (ACS) were born. On their first life performance they opted to change their name to Parasomnia Noise, whose meaning is derived from the sleep disturbances caused by the accidental discovery of the best hamburger ever made.
Thirty minutes before their first show, they realized they hadn’t a full rhythm section. So, coming from a heavenly abode, came Tiago Lopes (Ex-Mons Lvnae // A.K.A. Hollow), who learned a 45 minute set in 45 seconds while eating a hamburger. Thus were closed the gates to Parasomnia Noise.

Since July 2010, the band started working on their first EP release, sure to make a huge success among portuguese housewives and white labrador cubs.